Izis Bidermanas & The Puzzle Missing Pieces Issue.

Does Every puzzle need all its pieces to fit in..or not?

I went today to the Izis Bidermanas exhibition @the MNAF, in Florence, sure that a lot of the pieces of my world, my life and myself were missing.
Restless. Nervous. Anxious.

Now, with the memory of a memorable afternoon with a magnificent friend I'm not so sure that I need all the pieces to fit into place.
Some pieces of the past don't belong to my puzzle any more. Some others have become essential.
I'll always be something incomplete, because my nature is.
I'll always be seeking peace but I won't really desire it. Ever.
I'll always be looking for something, for the true side of living, the real nature of the people I love. For a different world to live in.
I'll be expecting distances and absences and I'll demand the presence of those I love staying with.
Even if I don't have a perfect puzzle inside me, I'm oddly feeling complete.

When you look at something really really beautiful, something that reflects and rapresents what you think art is, you're able to look at your life in a different way.
In front of those pictures I was forced to be honest with myself and to accept that I've never wanted peace. That I love my past, I'm perfectly able to accept it and that I'm able to face my future as well.

I want my life to be like a perfect b&w photograph, with strong contrasts, harmony and the magic of things you don't deeply understand.
Izis Bidermanas and Paris des reves weren't the only works of art this afternoon... Thanks to a beautiful friend that always makes me feel at home. Who's really a Work of Art.

Steam in Florence - © Estate of Laura Poggi


Dream More. Stella&Me - © Estate of Laura Poggi

Mirrored Friends & Philosophical Talking. - © Estate of Laura Poggi

... Go Mommy, Go!

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