Think Wider.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
A wider perspective
Makes things look different.

Don't be fooled by appearances,
You won't ever be happy living in a cage, 
Even if a golden one.

© Estate of Henri Cartier Bresson


Misty Countryside

Sunday morning.
The scent of misty cold air.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
October, the image of silence.
It's getting colder in the countryside.
Misty-eyed, observing.

"Winds in the East,
 Mist coming in..
 Like somethin' is brewin' 
and about to begin.."


Portrait Project - the Cat and the Grandpa

Once upon a time, 
On a grey windy Friday morning,
There was a cat, sitting on a balcony.
He stood still,
Watching the street, the roofs, the trees.
On his side, a misty-eyed man who's always looking for someone.
Someone lost...
Rufus & Grandpa Bobi. 

© Estate of Laura Poggi


Sips of ...Invisibility

I really need some writing, I just don't know what I could write about.
Actually I don't feel like writing...but I'm gonna write this post anyway.

The fact that I actually created a Facebook page for this blog makes me realise that something's probabily wrong with me. More than usual.
I mean, I am not a social being. No way I will ever turn into one.
I strongly believe that there are far too many people on earth.
And I love anonymousness, living in obscurity.
I actually enjoy when people I met - often more than once - can't remember my name.
I 've always tried to manage invisibility.
If you're invisible you can be an observer.
No risk taking, no judging involved..people don't care about you, you can be whoever you prefer.
I've always seen invisibility as the real face of freedom. And a great shortcut.
Everyone wants a shortcut in life after all.
Anyway, for some strange reason I'm kinda enjoying writing all these inanities and letting my friends reading them.
I've always had some difficulties in showing them who I am and what I like/want/believe/think... Writing has always helped a lot. 

Fall is inspiring me, always has always will.
October is just a countdown to Halloween, the second greatest "holiday" after Christmas.. (I wouldn't hesitate a second in trading Easter for Halloween. Take your chocolate and your rabbits, I want ghosts, witches and pumpkin cookies - Tuvvofal'Americano,masinatoinItaly)

No photographs of mine this time. My portrait project is a work in progress, I actually need people to portray with my camera. No queue at my door so far.
Just my world with nothing taken too seriously, a superficial interest for important stuff and a deep passion for useless and vain things, like the die-for-shoes-of the-moment and dead photographers.

This October jigsaw puzzle is all about NY, the city of my dreams:

Sips of Shopping!
Subscription to "The New Yorker" made, just waiting for the first number. A magazine from NY, some of the words from The City always with me! A very merry unbirthday to me!

© Estate of André Kertész
Fall, umbrellas and the City conquered by raving running legs..  

Andre Kertesz was born in Budapest, but died in NY in 1985.
"We all owe something to Kertész", said Henri Cartier-Bresson..
I love his taking a higher perspective in order to look at the city from a different point of view.. an observer who tried to be invisible?!

(Thank you Ettore for this link, miss you).

© Estate of Lisette Model
Lisette Model, Austrian-born American photographer who took marvellous portraits of people.
Personally I fell in love with her "running legs". 
Another invisible but precious point of view.

© Estate of Lisette Model
© Estate of Lisette Model

Simply Banksy.
Always had a crush on his works, works of art, always been fascinated but the no-identity thing. An invisible man whose name is known all over the world.
Invisibility exists. And it means power and freedom.

© Estate of Banksy
New york City & Banksy: http://www.banksyny.com/


Portraits Project - The Beginning

So, it's been a while since the idea of this project came out.
I have to say, portraits have never been my favourite kinds of pics so far.
But the power of photography is to make eternity possible, real.

The Project is easy: I want to catch the very original and emblematic facial expressions of those I love, of all the people who live my life with me.
Every person explained and revealed within a picture. 

From now on I'm going to wander through my world with my reflex, ready to immortalize the people I love most, catching and surprising them with the expressions that make them the people I love most.
...Good luck to me.  

Today - October 6, heart of Autumn.
It's been a long good week, full of people and smile - though a lot of worries are constantly hunting my mind.
A lot of new amazing websites and shops have been discovered but no money has appeared out of thin air... the closet's still poor and sad. My hips are still outrageously large, but I've been avoiding mirrors.
Another Sunday has almost gone, with a delicious grey sky and a great man by my side.
"The Russian Avant-Garde Siberia and the East" exhibition visited this afternoon in Palazzo Strozzi was amazing, Filonov's paintings are something to die for. 
Rumours say that twelve Impressionism masterpieces from Musée d'Orsay are on exhibition in Palazzo Pitti..another great week is just about to start.

Stay Tuned.

Portraits Experiments on a windy Thursday night:

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi
© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi