Born to be Bored... On Sundays.

Bored on a Sunday afternoon.
Unable to enjoy the first day of the greatest season of the year (of course it's Autumn!) beacuse of the new Florentine cycle racing widespread obsession, locked up in a house full of people, trying not to become a serial killer before dinner.

So, here's the situation:
Florence is off limits. My wardrobe is still full of hideous spring-summer clothes and sadly poor (maybe really empty) of Fall stuff. My wallet is empty too. And so is my bank account.
My hips have never been so large (maybe I overdid with fries yesterday, the day before yesterday and on Thursday night too. Maybe..): turned out my self confidence exiled to unknown regions far away from here, leaving me with a considerable amount of what Freud called the "Death drive" : Wikipedia says that "the death drive (German Todestrieb) is the drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic", in other words you wanna burn you house, your car, your boyfriend after realizing that the only thing you really want to destroy is yourself because your favourite dress doesn't fit you anymore.
My life is fluctuating somewhere, I don't really know where and, actually - given the situation described above-, I couldn't care less of my future and what I'm gonna do with it.
We've run out of coffee and I didn't have lunch, the fridge was more bored than me, empty as my bank account, sad as my poor-gaining-weight body.

I usually go looking for old dusty boxes in these great moments of my life. My death drive often leads me to uncover past memories deleted by my lazy memory. Today I found some pics from the last couple of years... made with my Pentax, photographed by my Ipad.

I hope I survive, life sucks but there are plenty of great things out there in Autumn worth to be photographed. For the moment: Edith Wharton and The Age of Innocence.
Stay tuned.

B&W Teo Knows It Better - © Estate of Laura Poggi
Bored Russian Cat - © Estate of Laura Poggi

It was a November Russian Sunday, It was cold..and Outrageously Beautiful. - © Estate of Laura Poggi
Rufus's Beauty Sleep - © Estate of Laura Poggi


Izis Bidermanas & The Puzzle Missing Pieces Issue.

Does Every puzzle need all its pieces to fit in..or not?

I went today to the Izis Bidermanas exhibition @the MNAF, in Florence, sure that a lot of the pieces of my world, my life and myself were missing.
Restless. Nervous. Anxious.

Now, with the memory of a memorable afternoon with a magnificent friend I'm not so sure that I need all the pieces to fit into place.
Some pieces of the past don't belong to my puzzle any more. Some others have become essential.
I'll always be something incomplete, because my nature is.
I'll always be seeking peace but I won't really desire it. Ever.
I'll always be looking for something, for the true side of living, the real nature of the people I love. For a different world to live in.
I'll be expecting distances and absences and I'll demand the presence of those I love staying with.
Even if I don't have a perfect puzzle inside me, I'm oddly feeling complete.

When you look at something really really beautiful, something that reflects and rapresents what you think art is, you're able to look at your life in a different way.
In front of those pictures I was forced to be honest with myself and to accept that I've never wanted peace. That I love my past, I'm perfectly able to accept it and that I'm able to face my future as well.

I want my life to be like a perfect b&w photograph, with strong contrasts, harmony and the magic of things you don't deeply understand.
Izis Bidermanas and Paris des reves weren't the only works of art this afternoon... Thanks to a beautiful friend that always makes me feel at home. Who's really a Work of Art.

Steam in Florence - © Estate of Laura Poggi


Dream More. Stella&Me - © Estate of Laura Poggi

Mirrored Friends & Philosophical Talking. - © Estate of Laura Poggi

... Go Mommy, Go!


Genesis - Roman Holiday with Sebastião Salgado

Of course it's been raining for two days. 
Of course I was under the rain with no umbrella during the storm of last Saturday night, with my very pretty punk-ballerina-wedges (rest in peace, they died by drowning in a glorious Roman puddle). 
...in case you are still wondering why I can't manage a fashion blog.... I've never had "fashion" in me.
The great news is that I love rain. I love Autumn. I love Laduree macarons (and the limited edition leopard box bought with them is something absolutely kitsch and cool). And I love Rome.
Most of all I love Sebastião Salgado and his amazing pics...

Okay, the exhibition was crowded. And I am well known for hating human beings.
There's no philanthropy in me.
Furthermore it was full of happy noisy families showing off an army of crying/laughing/screaming children.. And I hate happy noisy families with screaming children.
But this whole hell disappeared in front af all those pics.
Probabily the best exhibition I've ever seen.
An invitation to discover the hidden part of the world, the most beautiful and pure, and to respect it.

Next Thursday...Izis Bidermanas..Stay Tuned!

© Estate of Laura Poggi

 Lunch at Ginger's...Slurp!


Sips of Fashion - An Autumn with Jane Eyre

An Autumn with Jane Eyre..

According to the fashion bibles, next season is gonna be all about this new "rigour" issue.
Well, maybe not "all"... 
But a lot of new collections shows a woman more serious and sofisticated. Finally, a real Lady. More skirts - less skinny jeans.
And I have to admit it, as soon as I realised it, I finally understood that a new era was born. My era was born. Flicking though this September's "Elle"I felt delighted.

I'm ready for a glorious "Autumn in Florence": I close my eyes and see that the revolution has been completed, the mission accomplished... Black and blue are finally the queen and king of the closet.
Those hideous black & white stripes (I used to love them too, but last year they have become a contagious disease...enough!) will soon be replaced by Dr Martins' boots, fluffy dark turtleneck - The Paris Show Collection by H&M has a wonderful exemplar of what I'm talking about -, flared leather skirts and strictly-Eco furs. Paradise.

I've always loved the Jane Eyre thing, the image of the strong.simple.rigourous-looking woman with a powerful inside. It's like Jane going to a meeting at the office, then an happyhour with friends and finally a great dinner with her Mr Rochester.. Under an October rainy sky, in the yellow light of the centre of Florence.

Of course in the past cpuple of days I was dying thinking about the NYFW. Of course I was dreaming about it. Yesterday at the Vogue fashion's night out in Florence it felt for a second like we were there..
And if I went there,if I went to NY, I would have take my preciuos copy of the Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece and probabily I would have simply wonder around the City, waiting for rain, dressed like this.....

The Stupid Face, The Great Zara Skirt, The NOT Fashion Blogger.

The Tattie Bogal Clan - Scotland

Isle of Skye,
One of the most amazing places ever seen..
In the small village of Carbost 
Together with the only distillery of the island 
(You'd better take a visit ...and a sip of whisky at the Talisker distillery!)
There's the Tattie Bogal Clan!

Waiting for....

How Time looks like


A Black & White Edinburgh

A b&w Edinburgh,
with all the shades of grey I like 
and the preciuos help of my beloved Teo,
the photographer of my heart.

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi
© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

The Punk Issue

© Estate of Laura Poggi

She looked "Vivienne Westwood" a lot.
Edinburgh and the punk street art.
August 2013, Royal Mile.