Sips of Fashion - An Autumn with Jane Eyre

An Autumn with Jane Eyre..

According to the fashion bibles, next season is gonna be all about this new "rigour" issue.
Well, maybe not "all"... 
But a lot of new collections shows a woman more serious and sofisticated. Finally, a real Lady. More skirts - less skinny jeans.
And I have to admit it, as soon as I realised it, I finally understood that a new era was born. My era was born. Flicking though this September's "Elle"I felt delighted.

I'm ready for a glorious "Autumn in Florence": I close my eyes and see that the revolution has been completed, the mission accomplished... Black and blue are finally the queen and king of the closet.
Those hideous black & white stripes (I used to love them too, but last year they have become a contagious disease...enough!) will soon be replaced by Dr Martins' boots, fluffy dark turtleneck - The Paris Show Collection by H&M has a wonderful exemplar of what I'm talking about -, flared leather skirts and strictly-Eco furs. Paradise.

I've always loved the Jane Eyre thing, the image of the strong.simple.rigourous-looking woman with a powerful inside. It's like Jane going to a meeting at the office, then an happyhour with friends and finally a great dinner with her Mr Rochester.. Under an October rainy sky, in the yellow light of the centre of Florence.

Of course in the past cpuple of days I was dying thinking about the NYFW. Of course I was dreaming about it. Yesterday at the Vogue fashion's night out in Florence it felt for a second like we were there..
And if I went there,if I went to NY, I would have take my preciuos copy of the Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece and probabily I would have simply wonder around the City, waiting for rain, dressed like this.....

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