Genesis - Roman Holiday with Sebastião Salgado

Of course it's been raining for two days. 
Of course I was under the rain with no umbrella during the storm of last Saturday night, with my very pretty punk-ballerina-wedges (rest in peace, they died by drowning in a glorious Roman puddle). 
...in case you are still wondering why I can't manage a fashion blog.... I've never had "fashion" in me.
The great news is that I love rain. I love Autumn. I love Laduree macarons (and the limited edition leopard box bought with them is something absolutely kitsch and cool). And I love Rome.
Most of all I love Sebastião Salgado and his amazing pics...

Okay, the exhibition was crowded. And I am well known for hating human beings.
There's no philanthropy in me.
Furthermore it was full of happy noisy families showing off an army of crying/laughing/screaming children.. And I hate happy noisy families with screaming children.
But this whole hell disappeared in front af all those pics.
Probabily the best exhibition I've ever seen.
An invitation to discover the hidden part of the world, the most beautiful and pure, and to respect it.

Next Thursday...Izis Bidermanas..Stay Tuned!

© Estate of Laura Poggi

 Lunch at Ginger's...Slurp!

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