Laura Loves: Decalogo di Gusti e Preferenze

A Laura piace: Introspettiva
  • cambiare, come cambiare la lingua in cui scrivo o parlo giocando a rincorrere il verbo perfetto, sia esso in inglese o in italiano, perchè si, #leparolesonoimportanti, così come ciò che si indossa dunque pensiamo a come parliamo, compriamo vestiti e cambiamo(ci) spesso;
  • sottolineare un libro con il righello, cercando di dare un senso ad un percorso di studi che arranca ma che rappresenta la persona che voglio diventare e non quella che devo essere per portare a casa lo stipendio a fine mese;
  • lasciare il fondino del caffè, un ultimo sorso che scelgo di lasciare ai postumi, vuoi perchè il caffè si è freddato ed io principessa (aspirante) nacqui, vuoi perchè nessuno ti servirà mai la quantità di caffè di cui necessiti in quel preciso istante, nemmeno tu stessa. un sorso di troppo di caffè rovina il rito del caffè;
  • criticare, esercitare senso critico, esprimere opinioni e, volendo dirla tutta, finanche giudicare - diritto o forse anche dovere di cui mi sento trionfalmente investita e che manifesto nel dire ciò che penso e pensare ciò che voglio (pappappero); 
  • studiare, persone, cose, eventi, nozioni - per un desiderio di conoscere e per la narcisistica volontà di essere una persona che sa molto, sa dire, fare, essere e stare;
  • fotografare: abbandonare una opprimente prosaicità del reale per catturare un momento di altezza, per rincorrere il sublime, non dico per elevare un frammento di tempo all'eternità, ma quantomeno per conquistarlo al ricordo.
(to be continued)

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi



Spend it all.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
Spend words.
Spend thoughts.
Do not accept to live on the surface.
Use all your energy to elaborate, to create, to make it extremely complicated.
Forget the "keep it simple".
Everything can be simple, still you can live it deeply and intensively.
Complicated means alive.
Make questions. Lots of.
Ask yourself difficult questions.
Force yourcelf on the long and winding path.
The steep climb gets to the heights.
Make it impossible to fall asleep late at night.
Impossible to close your eyes.
Impossible to neglet, to forget all the question marks hunting your mind.
Be inconvenient and say what you think.
Dare think what you really want to think.
Make it tough to wake up and smile.
Ask why.
Ask again. And again.
Seek truth. Accept the rarity of truth. Never give up looking for it.

Wear a mask, every day, and pretend to be a simple person.
Do not even think for a moment to become one.
Do not put yourself on sale. 
© Estate of Laura Poggi


Mumble mumble..

© Estate of Laura Poggi

A giant spiderweb, that's what everything is in the end.
A world of connections.
Everything linked to everything, nothing isolated, nothing for itself.

I've been trying hard and long to build my isolation. At least enought to understand that I can't help it.
I need to start working on my branches, to get them strong and willing for height.

Webs, branches, strings.
 A labyrinth.

Actually, I've never been too keen to get lost in giant labyriths.
But that's what life is turning out to be, so I need to learn my way out.
I just hope time will be on my side.


Powerful Times Square

© Estate of Laura Poggi

"She had the perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very, dangerous to live even one day.”
― Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway



The Cage of Freedom

From the very first moment you step foot in NYC you can feel it:
The place can actually swallow you in one bite. No time to think, to hesitate, to realise.
No way you can run, hide, or find a way to feel safe.
This city is going to eat you, anyway. Fecth you and put you behind golden bars of freedom and endless possibilities.

© Estate of Laura Poggi

It's not only the blinding lights, the skyscrapers or the feeling that all the human beings of the world have gathered in that very street with you. 
It's its air. 
It's the smoke, coming out from the drains, reflected by those shining towers.

© Estate of Laura Poggi

You are finally walking the streets of New York City.
It's been your dreams from years. 
You're walking in a dream:
It feels so like the movies,
Still it also feels so unreal. 
And, as in all good dreams, you also feel you don't belong there.

Not a new yorker. Everyone can see this.
The irritating feeling of being out of place. 
Then why am I also feeling so at home?
I fit in. 
Isn't this obvious?
I want to stay here. 
Then why am I missing home so much?

© Estate of Laura Poggi
"Did you like it?
Would you live there? " - 

"Loved it. 
But I think I couldn't live there. Not now. 
It's a cage. 
A cage of freedom. 
You feel free, but you are in a cage. 
The fact is that you get addicted to the city.. once in, you don't know how on earth it would be possible to live anywhere else. 
It's a cage. Once in, even if the doors are open, you don't want to get out".

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi

© Estate of Laura Poggi