Spend it all.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
Spend words.
Spend thoughts.
Do not accept to live on the surface.
Use all your energy to elaborate, to create, to make it extremely complicated.
Forget the "keep it simple".
Everything can be simple, still you can live it deeply and intensively.
Complicated means alive.
Make questions. Lots of.
Ask yourself difficult questions.
Force yourcelf on the long and winding path.
The steep climb gets to the heights.
Make it impossible to fall asleep late at night.
Impossible to close your eyes.
Impossible to neglet, to forget all the question marks hunting your mind.
Be inconvenient and say what you think.
Dare think what you really want to think.
Make it tough to wake up and smile.
Ask why.
Ask again. And again.
Seek truth. Accept the rarity of truth. Never give up looking for it.

Wear a mask, every day, and pretend to be a simple person.
Do not even think for a moment to become one.
Do not put yourself on sale. 
© Estate of Laura Poggi

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