Do You Believe in Signs?

Sunday afternoon. It's really cold in Florence, and when you breathe fog comes out of your mouth. You find yourself wandering through a crowded flea market in one of the most Florentine of Florentine squares. With a great friend to listen to and a the desire for dusty forgotten treasures.
Is all this cahos in our lives something like a giant spiderweb?

© Estate of Laura Poggi
© Estate of Laura Poggi

Then your camera winks at some older sisters abandoned on one of the flea market stalls. How many spiderwebs have they immortalized so far?
Pretty Old Cameras, do you know what should I do?
What did you see, before renouncing the living world, before leaving yourself to your own devices on a dusty stall, in a cold December night, looking at my friend and me, with my camera and all the spiderwebs of our heads!?

© Estate of Laura Poggi

You have new worlds of all kinds within reach, but you decide not to look at them.
Isn't this what I am desperately triyng to do?!

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