The Christmas Zoo

26 December 2013
Yes, another Christmas Day is gone.
And let's face it, this is the Day of Melancholy.
No more "All I want for Christmas is you". No more guessing the presents riddle. No more counting down the days.

We ate, we celebrated, we forgot to buy presents for all those people who gave us wonderful gifts, and bought great things for the ones who didn't even say "merry christmas".
Yesterday we had the strongest headache of our lives and cursed the noise, the chatting, the laughing, wishing for silence, peace, isolation. But we also realized that our family is great and we love everyone sooo much. And today we already miss all that chaos.
A few hours ago we wanted all of this to end as soon as possible, while now we would just like to come back to Christmas Eve, and live again that atmosphere... 

Honestly, I couldn't wish for anything better.
For once, I have to abandon my usual cynical skeptical and prickly attitude. 
Ready for another year waiting for another Christmas, with great friends by my side!


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