Made (and drunk) in Italy!

Thanks to Mary&Ettore - Super Friends

If I say "made in Italy", what do you think I'm talking about?
Handbags? Shoes? The latest collection by Gucci?


I'm actually talking about something much more precious.
....Wine :)

You take your made-in-somewhere car, 
Leave the city centre with all its noise, pidgeons and expensive useless but "cool" shops (made in China - for the record),
Switch your cell (and brain) off,
And decide to get lost..
You actually have to get lost. Better with some really good friends.
Drive around those marvellous hills, enjoying silence and peace. 
All of a sudden you find yourself in Wine Wonderland:
It is called Capezzana..
 A die-for place, great food, and
a world champion vin santo
(Yep, it means Saint Wine, guess why??)
You made it: you found the "made in Italy" heaven.

Let them think that the best and coolest things in Florence are Pitti and Luisa Via Roma.


(A Small Short Sad Thought: 
My Nikon is actually on its way to ReflexHeaven. I didn't have the heart to take her to Capezzana and watch me drink all that delicious wine. 
She wants to die at home. 
In the meantime, as you can see, I am using an Iphone to take my pics... Yes, I know: simply shameful.
Let's hope I become rich quite quickly and can afford a good replacement!)

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