The Talk of the Town

People like to talk and, unfortunately, not only in town.
The less they know and have to say, the more they talk.
One of my favorite magazines,
The New Yorker

- yes, I receive a copy every week, and every week I feel happy, I feel as if I am not living in this sad town full of ancient-minded-people, but I am far away living my metropolitan warrior fairy tale..
 (the best 100 bucks ever spent) -

has a whole section under the title "The Talk of the Town".
Towns like to talk.
Every week, every day, every hour
this very minute
the rumor of the moment is wandering around,
from mouth to mouth
through streets and squares.

I like people who know when silence is the best thing to say.
I love those ones who choose to watch and think before judging.
Being always looking for the best in people,
I believe that there is a silencer in all of us, the only thing missing sometimes is probably the user's manual. everyone, deep down, has its own potential silent side.
words are precious.
waisting them is a crime.
never stop thinking. never stop moving. never stop choosing silence over an empty dozen words.

so please, if you don't have anything worthy to say ..
let me read my precious treasure.
in the end, we all hate chatting people,
but we all want to know the talks of the town. Including me.
is there anything more boring than people who keep talking about nothing?
yes, there is:

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