Boom Boom

© Estate of Laura Poggi
There's this thing about explosions: you never really expect them.

You can wait for a bunch of good explosions for a very long time, still they always catch you by surprise. 
You're just there, in your smiling world with your ordinary life.
You actually wonder when the next boom is going to be heard.. 
I't been a while, there's too much silence, too much peace in the air..
You almost give up waiting for it.
 Then all of a sudden, when you less expect it, the sky gets darker and darker. Finally the shining shimmering lights turn down and the numbness and lethargy of you soul are broken, like fallen idols. 
The rumble of the thunder, the boom of the detonation: 
you finally wake up.
 You finally see everything and everyone's true colours. 

There's this thing about a silent soul shattered by a thunder, 
A dark sky torn in two by a light explosion..
You get wounded. But you also get stronger.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
 Bonifacio and Its Explosions

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