Promises are made to be broken.

I promised I would write.I promised I would find something to tell, to describe, to express.
I promised I would be in touch.
I broke my promise.
But a lot happened and I just felt I had to simply live it. Experience it. Feel it. Evetually I would start to write again.
It worked: I am happy.

But where is my life now?
I am with my Sir. And I couldn't ask for anything or anyone better.
I have more shoes. But they are never enough.
I have the same friends, but they are closer than ever, more precious than ever.
I have been to Corse and to Paris.
I am spending my Christmas holidays in NYC...
I realised I am a material Italian girl, who seeks a British attitude and dreams American dreams.

I realise I don't want to do anything I am not willing to do.  And I won't.
I am currently a fan of House of Cards and I could die for a new episode from the Sherlock series.
And I am not ashamed of that.
In my car there is always a song by Beyonce. Sorry, again not ashamed.
At the same time I now know that nothing really calms me down as a cloudy sky when I'm hiking in my mountains. That I just need a book and a coffee in a silent place to feel myself, to feel happy. That the best hotel of the world is the tent with my Sir under the stars, close to the sea. That what makes me alive is not the dinner in the ultimate chic restaurant, but my thirst for knowledge and my curiosity.
Two faces, one free soul.
I despise people who always need to put me into a category.
And if you do not know who I am or how I am ...  I could'nt care less.

© Estate of Laura Poggi
© Estate of Laura Poggi
I have an idea.
This blog - four hands.
Two dreamers sharing the same dreams.
Cooperating yes, but also watching the same mad world from two different points of view.
WindmillsJungle is now all pictures, nonsense, and (my) happy - still - cynical - and - skeptical attitude.
It may lack a touch of color. Innovation. Inspiration.
..... A formal invitation is on its way.
Time for a new blogger? 

© Estate of Laura Poggi
© Estate of Laura Poggi

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