From Black to Pink and Back.

© Estate of Laura Poggi

“But would you kindly ponder this question: What would your good do if
evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows
disappeared? After all, shadows are cast by things and people. Here is the
shadow of my sword. But shadows also come from trees and living beings.
Do you want to strip the earth of all trees and living things just because
of your fantasy of enjoying naked light? You're stupid.”
― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

© Estate of Laura Poggi

Don't worry, I haven't turned into a sad missed philospher (unfortunately).
I am the same. It's still me cynical and incapable of any optimism.
It has been another hopeless Wednesday.
Today I realized I have actually been studying Russian for 4 years and I cannot speak a word without feeling like one of those sad and totally unrealistic american characters pretending to speak with a fake Russian accent. Good for me. I have been nominated "SSY" (saddest student of the year).
I am the goddess of the three Is:
All my friends know all of me and carefully stay away from me and my incurable pessimis: I inspire self-destruction and suicidal manias. 
So I am here alone with my cat, my reflex and a very power desire for leaving.
But where am I supposed to go?
And who am I supposed to leave my beloved cat with?!

But then... then I see a pink winter sky. With threads and contrasts. And nobody will probably undestrand but in some way I manage to find my daily balance.
And everything suddenly looks like magic.  And my beloved Rufus cat is safe.
At least for now.

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