Henri Cartier-Bresson...Memories

She thought she rembered.
She thought she knew everything that she had felt, done, and realise.
She thought she had learnt something from the mistakes she had done.
She thought she had changed.

But she was the same.
And thinking about that Henri Cartier-Bresson picture they were lookin at, she couldn't help feeling so sad.
It had been a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Fall was all around and they truly believed that never again in the world they would lose each other again.
They were in Lucca and, despite all the fight they used to have, they were happy.

But people don't change, and fighters will always keep acting like fighters.
Like b&w photographs, time passes and eventually all that black will fade away...but people will always remain the same in them.

The Henri Cartier-Bresson Exhibition in Lucca,
Then Getting Lost and Actually Enjoiying it so much!

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