Sips/Tips of Fashion - Weekend Breaks!

Weekend Breaks.
Ok, Tartan is the new  trend of the season but you don't want to look like Highlander lost in Venice, do you?
When in doubt, 
Total Black will always be the best way to rock a a beautiful city.
And please, wear heels. 
Unfortunately there's only one Naomi Campbell on earth!

 "The sun would beat down on her face, into her eyes; but no, at the critical moment a veil of cloud covered the sun, making the expression of her eyes doubtful - was it mocking or tender, brilliant or dull? One could only see the indetermined outline of her rather faded, fine faces looking at the sky. She was thinking... (...) "
From "The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection" by Virginia Woolf

In Beautiful Places
Everyone Looks Much More Beautiful...
At Least, Almost Everyone!

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